GESTUM BROKER Sp. z o.o. is an insurance broker specialising in widely understood employee, professional and business insurance.

The Company’s mission is to provide our Clients with a comprehensive insurance coverage of property, conducted activity as well as safety and health of employees and their families by choosing the best terms of insurance.

An individual approach to each Client allows us to tailor the level of insurance coverage to the needs of our business partners. Insurance agreements negotiated through us are not merely a reflection of the General Insurance Terms and Conditions (GITC) of insurance companies, but include individually negotiated provisions tailoring the level of insurance coverage to the specificity of the Client’s activity.

Our services are provided by licensed and specialised insurance brokers and, when necessary, we cooperate with legal offices, experts, specialists in public procurement law and experts in insurance issues.

The provision of services to companies operating in different lines of business allows our specialists for continuous improving of qualifications, thereby recognising the needs of various sectors of the economy.

The main objective of our actions is to win the Client’s trust, so that the cooperation makes them completely comfortable in terms of insurance of their conducted activity. 

The Client’s cooperation with GESTUM BROKER Sp. z o.o. offers many tangible benefits and allows you to assign any insurance-related matters to the broker. Due to the fact that the broker has the ability to compare multiple offers, the Client no longer needs to search the market on his/her own and waste valuable time to get to know complex insurance issues of individual companies.

Most importantly, our services are free of charge for the Client, as the insurance broker receives remuneration in the form of brokerage commission paid by the insurance company. The Client does not pay anything more than (s)he would still have to pay the Insurer for its product (insurance coverage - policy). The price of each insurance includes the client acquisition costs that do not disappear even if the client goes directly to the company.

As part of the brokerage cooperation offered by GESTUM BROKER Sp. z o.o. in the scope of comprehensive insurance handling, we are able to offer the following activities:

  1. Audit of current policies in terms of their scope.
  2. Analysis of existing threats and needs of the Client.
    As part of these activities, we prepare a comprehensive analysis of insurance risk occurring in connection with conducted activity and present a detailed coverage plan for the company as well as its employees.
  3. Preparation of an optimal and uniform insurance scheme tailored to the specificity of activity and jointly agreed needs.
  4. Negotiations with the companies in relation to the commercially best insurance offer (both in terms of scope of coverage and price of comprehensive insurance).
  5. Intermediation and consultancy in the selection of the insurer (review of the insurance market).
  6. Brokerage recommendation in relation to the best negotiated offer.
  7. Ongoing handling of insurance agreements, including:
  • control of the compliance and correctness of submitted documents (policies, annexes) with the offer and negotiated insurance scheme,
  • reporting to the insurer relevant information about the changes occurring in the subject of insurance,
  • ongoing reporting of changes to the concluded policies, arranging annexes and other insurance documents,
  • arranging annexes and other insurance documents,
  • monitoring the expiry dates of individual insurance agreements,
  • monitoring of payments of contributions or individual instalments,
  • solving current insurance problems.
  1. Annual negotiation of terms of the insurance agreement renewal with the presentation and discussion of a full comparison of offers of several insurance companies.
  2. Ongoing monitoring of the insurance market in terms of emerging new products, risks and offers and their usefulness in hedging the Client’s conducted activity.
  3. Claim settlement, including:
  • preparation of the claim procedure,
  • full supervision over the claim settlement,
  • controls over the circulation of claim documents,
  • monitoring of deadlines resulting from the adopted procedure,
  • interventions at an insurer in conflict situations,
  • supporting the law firm cooperating with us in all kinds of appeals against adverse decisions, refusals.
  1. Legal aid as part of ongoing handling of insurance agreements and in the process of claim settlement related to the formulation of opinions or interpretations of particular provisions of the GITC, as well as writing appeals to companies in case of refusal to pay compensation resulting from policies concluded through the broker (free of charge handling).