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Learn about our offer

Property insurance

As an experienced broker, in the process of developing a comprehensive offering material, we take into account all assets owned by the Client:

  • buildings and structures,
  • equipment, plant and machinery,
  • current assets,
  • electronic equipment,
  • glass and glass objects,
  • cash,
  • loss of profit (business interruption - BI),
  • other.

By hedging the Client’s assets owned and used for conducting activity, we are able, by including numerous additional clauses in the basic scope of the insurance policy, to extend and tailor to the specificity of design and architecture companies, taking into account the specific needs of our Clients. For this reason, the insurance offered by the broker to the company or housing cooperative fully corresponds to the Client’s individual expectations.

The scope of insurance:

  1. Named risks (Flexa+EC)

This coverage covers damages caused by the events listed in the insurance policy and defined in the GITC.

  1. All risks

Loss, destruction of or damage to property (included in the insurance policy) as a result of sudden, unexpected and independent of the will of the Client event, as well as destruction of or damage to that property as a result of rescue operation carried out in connection with the event causing the damage covered by the agreement, i.e. all events not excluded by the insurer in the GITC (applies both to insurance agreements for insurance companies and, for example, housing cooperatives).

  1. Insurance of glass and other glass objects

The insurance coverage covers glass and other objects constituting furnishings or fixtures of the buildings, premises and other utility rooms, used for their intended purpose, owned or held by the Client. This product also includes damages caused by breakage (breaking) of insured objects. A damage is understood as loss or decrease in the value of objects due to their destruction or damage.

  1. Insurance of electronic equipment

The subject of agreements may cover electronic equipment owned or held by the Client on the basis of legal title and used in accordance with its intended purpose in connection with conducted business activity. Electronic equipment is covered by insurance on the territory of the Republic of Poland in place indicated by the Client in the application and specified in the insurance policy, during normal operation at the workplace, movement in the place of insurance, dismantling for the purpose of maintenance, overhaul, repair and re-assembly.

The liability covers sudden, unforeseen and independent of the Client’s will destruction, damage to or loss of the object covered with the insurance coverage within the GITC, for example, fire and other fortuitous events in the full scope, burglary, robbery, vandalism, user errors, electrical damages, mechanical damages and others that are not expressly excluded.

  1. Business interruption insurance (BI)

The subject of coverage is the risk of loss of gross profit that the Client could achieve from his/her business activity, if there was a disruption or interruption in business activity as a result of damage to property caused by fortuitous events. The insurance policy covers the loss of gross profit resulting from an event that is accidental, sudden, unforeseen and results from causes beyond the control of the entity providing the insurance policy and the Client.

The insurance coverage also includes additional costs:

  • costs of hiring experts,
  • costs of overtime and night work,
  • costs of hiring and moving to substitute buildings and premises,
  • other additional costs associated with the resulting damage.

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