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Civil liability insurance

The subject of insurance covers the civil liability of the Policyholder, when in connection with the conducted activity or owned property used for business, the Policyholder, as a result of an unlawful act, is obliged to make good damage to third parties that caused death, bodily injury or health disorder (personal injury), or damage to or destruction of property (material damage).

The civil liability insurance agreement covers damages resulting from the accident provided for in the agreement that occurred during the insurance period, even if the injured filed the claim after the end of the insurance period, but before the expiry of limitation periods of the claim.

As an insurance broker taking care of adequate insurance coverage ensuring full safety of conducted activity, we are able to, by including numerous additional clauses in the basic scope of insurance, extend and tailor to the type of conducted activity taking into account the specific needs of our Clients, among others:

  • civil tortious and contractual liability in respect of conducting business activity with a particular focus on the sector, 
  • employer’s civil liability,
  • civil liability for damages caused by vehicles which are not subject to compulsory civil liability insurance,
  • civil liability for a product placed on the market, 
  • insurance of costs of withdrawal of products from the market or replacing it with a product free from defects,
  • liability for damages related to the impact on the environment (environmental damage), 
  • professional civil liability for various professional groups,
  • civil liability of managers,
  • legal expenses insurance,
  • other.

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