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Learn about our offer

Technical insurance

As an insurance broker taking care of adequate insurance coverage ensuring full safety of conducted activity, we are able to, by including numerous additional clauses in the basic scope of insurance, extend and tailor to the type of conducted activity taking into account the specific needs of our Clients:

  1. Insurance against all construction and assembly risks (CAR, EAR)

Insurance against construction risks and assembly risks is addressed to large, medium and small enterprises being the Investor, Contractor or Subcontractor. The insurance covers contractual works, materials and equipment being the subject of construction, assembly in the scope of residential, general, industrial, engineering and road construction.

In addition, the insurance coverage may cover:

  • the costs of post-damage clean-up,
  • construction site equipment and devices,
  • construction machinery,
  • existing property,
  • civil liability towards third parties.

As part of this insurance we may also provide:

  • the coverage of a building and/or assembly structure against damage to property, including theft
  • civil liability coverage of the insured parties (all entities performing insured works) in connection with personal injury or material damage as may arise in connection with the execution of insured works
  • the coverage of loss of the investor’s expected profit as a result of the insured property damage
  1. Contractor’s plant and machinery insurance (CPM)

The contractor’s plant and machinery insurance (CPM) covers damage to or loss of machinery as a result of damages caused otherwise than by machinery, theft and consequential damage resulting from an internal failure of the machinery if damage occurred to its external components.

  1. Machinery breakdown insurance (MB)

The subject of insurance agreements may be plant and machinery owned or held by the Policyholder on the basis of legal title and used in accordance with their intended purpose in connection with the conducted business activity.

The insurance coverage covers insurance events resulting from all causes, except for damages caused to machinery excluded in the GITC, in particular due to the following:

  • casting defects and materials,
  • structural error, faulty execution,
  • workshop or assembly errors,
  • clumsiness, negligence,
  • lack of water in boilers,
  • rupture due to the centrifugal force,
  • short circuit, overvoltage.

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