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Motor insurance

  1. Civil liability arising from the ownership and use of land vehicles

Each holder of a motor vehicle registered in Poland is obliged to conclude a compulsory civil liability insurance agreement of motor vehicle holders against damages arising out of the use of the motor vehicle owned by him/her.

The subject of insurance covers the civil liability of any person who driving a motor vehicle during the term of the agreement caused damage as a result of use of the vehicle on the territory of countries of the European Union, the European Economic Area as well as Switzerland and Croatia.

The civil liability insurance covers the consequences of action of the party responsible for the accident resulting in damage to property and personal injury in connection with the use of the vehicle. The use of the vehicle is defined by the Act and includes not only the actual use of the vehicle, but also damages caused when boarding and de-boarding the vehicle, directly at loading and unloading the vehicle, during stopping, parking or garaging. This insurance covers damages caused by the respective vehicle driver. 

  1. Green card
  2. Motor hull insurance

The subject of insurance covers vehicles with equipment registered in the Republic of Poland (RP) in accordance with the provisions of the Act on Road Traffic and having valid technical inspections certified by an entry in the registration document, i.e. motor vehicles, tractors, motorcycles, mopeds and trailers.

The insurance coverage covers damages involving:

  1. Damage to the vehicle due to:
  • sudden mechanical force at the time of contact of the vehicle with people, animals and objects located outside the vehicle,
  • actions of third parties.
  1. Damage to or loss of the vehicle due to the following fortuitous events:
  • flood, flooding, fire, explosion,
  • direct lightning, rainfall, hurricane, landslide and collapsing of the earth,
  • sudden chemical or heat agent originating from outside the vehicle,
  1. Damage to the interior of the vehicle by carried persons in need of immediate medical assistance,
  2. Theft of the vehicle, its parts or equipment, damage to the vehicle as a result of theft or removal for short-term use.
  1. Assistance
  1. Consequences of accidents of passengers and drivers

The subject of insurance covers the consequences of accidents of drivers and passengers of the vehicle resulting from the use of the vehicle on public roads, from the moment of boarding to the moment of de-boarding, including temporary stopping of the vehicle on the travel route. The insurance coverage covers the consequences of accidents involving bodily injury resulting in detriment to health or death of the insured, which occurred in connection with the use of motor vehicles.

  1. Legal protection

The subject of insurance covers legal expenses related to the conduct of activities relating to the legal protection of the Insured in court or out of court proceedings in connection with the events related to the possession and/or use of a motor vehicle. As an insurance broker taking care of adequate insurance coverage, we prepare special general agreements for vehicle fleets with individual additional clauses and solutions dedicated to the specific needs of individual Clients and the structure of owned rolling stock.

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