We offer a full range of highly specialised insurance schemes to clients owing or using wind farms in their activities.

When creating the insurance scheme for a wind farm, we take into account its specificity, which determines that the scope of such policy varies from insurance policies used in other industries.

The scope of policy schemes for companies holding or using such equipment in their activities is compliant with the “all risks” standard and covers, among others:

  1. Any damages resulting from external factors, namely:
  • operational error and lack of skills,
  • implosions and explosions,
  • intensive impact of precipitation (including hail),
  • theft or vandalism,
  • low temperatures (frost),
  • landslides and collapsing of land,
  • floods,
  • fires, blackening, scorching, smouldering, glowing,
  • strong winds, including hurricanes,
  • fall of the aircraft or its components,
  • thunder and lightning.
  1. Damages as a result of internal factors, which include:
  • design error, faulty workmanship and material defect,
  • malfunction (or total lack thereof) of modules, such as inverters, safety equipment,
  • any failures of mechanisms that have their cause in the malfunction of electrical equipment,
  • short circuit, overvoltage, overcurrent.
  1. Damages having different than the above mentioned reason – not included in the list of exclusions.

In addition, the wind farm insurance may be extended by hedging against loss of revenues from energy production, where the coverage covers revenue not achieved as a result of damage to the wind farm components.