The subject of insurance of photovoltaic farms is the whole power plant, i.e. a complex of panels together with the supporting structure and all necessary equipment. We also take into account the individual needs of our Clients, which is why we anticipate the possibility of extending the coverage package and covering the financial effects of interruption of operation of the farm system, which is the result of material damage preventing the continuation of the production of electricity.

Due to such flexibility of the proposed photovoltaic farm insurance, we pay special attention to the wide range of coverage package, which includes both damage resulting from external and internal factors. Most promoted by us is the scope against any events causing the need for repair or replacement, including damages having a source inside mechanisms.

The scope of insurance schemes for companies owing or using such equipment in their activities is based on the “all risks” standard and covers, among others:

  1. Damages caused by internal factors, as a consequence of defects, failures or malfunction of the power plant mechanisms (including security modules). This scope also includes errors made at the design stage of installation and damages resulting from material defect.
  2. Damages caused by external factors – this group includes: effects of thunder and lightning as well as all weather factors (including intense rainfall), effects of natural disasters – including floods and fires (also: burns, blackening, glowing, etc.), explosions and implosions and fall of an aircraft, theft, vandalism and operating errors (e.g. resulting from a lack of skills).

In addition, the scope of insurance of the farm itself may be extended by insurance against loss of revenues from the production of electricity covering revenue not achieved as a result of damage to the photovoltaic farm components.