The team of brokers of GESTUM BROKER company provides the highest level of handling of all types of insurance. Due to the fact that the broker has the ability to compare multiple offers, the Client no longer needs to search the market on his/her own and waste valuable time to get to know complex insurance issues or details of the General Insurance Terms and Conditions.

Insurance of housing cooperatives

As an experienced insurance broker, we support housing cooperatives handled by us in making decisions on insuring assets that they manage.

It depends on this decision whether the housing cooperative or the insurance company will be obliged to assume the risk of losses due to flooding, ripped off roof or substantial compensation for damages.

Considering that the market of insurance services currently offers a full range of products in this field, we are here to properly assess, advice and, together with particular housing cooperatives, construct an insurance scheme taking into account the specificity, size and individual needs of a given community.

Proper assessment and correct selection of the scope of insurance coverage has a significant impact on the amount of premium and a sense of security as well as real compensation received in case of the occurrence of a loss event.

The subject of insurance may cover:

  1. Residential buildings with underground garages and fixed furnishings, machinery and equipment including lifts, ventilation and air conditioning equipment, alarm devices and other infrastructure, lighting, landscape architecture objects, playgrounds, driveways, pavements, parking spaces, etc.
  2. Civil liability of housing cooperative related to conducted business activity and owned property, in particular:
  • building(s) with additional rooms, such as basements, baby carriage rooms, lockers, garages, drying rooms,
  • car parks located within the common property and intended for use by persons living in the building(s), as well as third parties,
  • courtyards and gardens belonging to the Insured,
  • any type of systems that the property is fitted with,
  • recreational and other facilities located on the property,
  • trees and plants located on the property.
  1. Civil liability of management board members of housing cooperative:
  • civil liability of cooperative member related to owing the premises constituting his/her property, for material damages to common property suffered by the housing cooperative,
  • mutual civil liability in connection with any flooding damages between tenants (residents of the cooperative),
  • Damages caused by the housing cooperative – to members of the cooperative,
  • Civil liability of subcontractors in connection with the occurrence of damages caused by the Insurer’s subcontractors and the Insured.


Insurance of property managers

To ensure the safety of conducted activity and the safety of people using the services of professional property managers, entities engaged in the property management in Poland are obliged to take out the civil liability insurance.

The subject and scope of insurance are defined in the Regulation of the Minister of Finance on compulsory civil liability insurance of property managers.  The insurance policy should be concluded no later than on the day preceding the commencement of professional activities. The minimum guaranteed sum of insurance determines the above Regulation of the Minister of Finance and it amounts to EUR 50,000 per one event and all events during the insurance period.

As an experienced insurance broker, we support property managers in searching for the best offer of civil liability insurance in respect of conducted activity involving property management and/or administration.

The scope of insurance may cover damages caused as a result of an act or omission of the Insured in connection with the performance of activities related to property management, including pure financial loss.

Available insurance products are:

  1. Compulsory civil liability – in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Finance,
  2. Voluntary civil liability (excess) of property manager – for the company,
  3. Civil liability of persons performing property manager activities – particular property managers.

As part of brokerage handling offered by GESTUM BROKER Sp. z o.o. to housing cooperatives and property managers, in the scope of comprehensive insurance handling during the year, we are able to offer the following activities:

  1. Audit of current policies in terms of their scope.
  2. Analysis of existing threats and needs of the Client. 
    As part of these activities, we prepare a comprehensive analysis of insurance risk occurring in connection with conducted activity and present a detailed coverage plan for the company as well as its employees.
  3. Preparation of an optimal and uniform insurance scheme tailored to the specificity of activity and jointly agreed needs.
  4. Harmonisation of the scope of coverage for all objects.
  5. Negotiations with the companies in relation to the commercially best insurance offer (both in terms of scope of coverage and price of comprehensive insurance).
  6. Intermediation and consultancy in the selection of the insurer (review of the insurance market).
  7. Brokerage recommendation in relation to the best negotiated offer.
  8. Ongoing handling of insurance agreements, including:
  • control of the compliance and correctness of submitted documents (policies, annexes) with the offer and negotiated insurance scheme,
  • reporting to the insurer relevant information about the changes occurring in the subject of insurance,
  • ongoing reporting of changes to the concluded policies,
  • arranging annexes and other insurance documents,
  • monitoring the expiry dates of individual insurance agreements,
  • monitoring of payments of contributions or individual instalments,
  • solving current insurance problems.
  1. Annual negotiation of terms for the insurance agreement renewal with the presentation and discussion of a full comparison of offers of several insurance companies.
  2. Ongoing monitoring of the insurance market in terms of emerging new products, risks and offers and their usefulness in hedging the Client’s conducted activity.
  3. The analysis of the financial standing of insurance companies.
  4. Preparation and conducting the necessary trainings for the Client’s employees in the field of handling the insurance scheme, to the extent necessary for a particular position and the situation in a given company.
  5. Claim settlement, including:
  • preparation of the claim procedure,
  • full supervision over the claim settlement,
  • controls over the circulation of claim documents,
  • monitoring of deadlines resulting from the adopted procedure,
  • interventions with an insurer in conflict situations,
  • supporting the law firm cooperating with us in all kinds of appeals against adverse decisions, refusals.
  1. Legal aid as part of ongoing handling of insurance agreements and in the process of claim settlement related to the formulation of opinions or interpretations of particular provisions of the GITC, as well as writing appeals to companies in case of refusal to pay compensation resulting from policies concluded through the broker (free of charge handling).