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Learn about our offer

Insurance for rescuers

The team of brokers employed by GESTUM BROKER Sp. z o.o. enables the provision of insurance handling dedicated to specific professional groups. Insurance schemes created by our specialists are characterised by non-standard provisions deviating from the General Insurance Terms and Conditions available on the market and provide the insured safety on many levels.

Scheme for rescuers

As an experienced insurance broker, we approach the insurance coverage of rescuers with particular attention.

When creating insurance coverage for this group, we take into account various types of risk:

  • the possibility of making a mistake by the rescuer performing his/her tasks, i.e. saving lives of humans, which could result in civil claim,
  • the possibility to suffer severe detriment to health by a rescuer during the rescue operation.

To mitigate the consequences of the above potential fortuitous events, we meet the needs with a comprehensive and precisely selected insurance scheme.

The scheme for rescuers assumes that WOPR rescuers, including volunteer rescuers performing rescuer activities under the WOPR statute, are authorised to use the insurance. Each of the members having the authority to perform the rescuer activities, meeting the requirements defined by the applicable provisions of law and the WOPR statute.

The subject of insurance covers:

  1. Consequences of accidents in connection with the performance of rescuer activities (on the job). The insurance may be extended by coverage on the way to and from work or 24 hours a day.

The full scope covers consequences of accidents involving bodily injury or health disorder causing death of the insured or permanent health detriment with the extension by myocardial infarction, intracranial haemorrhage and, optionally, HIV/viral hepatitis.

Moreover, the available benefits include, among others:
• death benefit,
• permanent health detriment benefit,
• reimbursement of costs of purchasing orthopaedic devices and auxiliaries,
• reimbursement of costs of professional training of disabled persons on the territory of the Republic of Poland,

• onerous treatment benefit,
• Assistance type post-accident benefits in the territory of the Republic of Poland.

  1. Civil liability in respect of performing rescuer activities. The insurance will cover the rescuer’s civil liability in respect of performing professional activities, including personal and property damages resulting from committing an unlawful act.
  1. The cost of legal protection. 

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